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New Year's Revolutionary

Apr 27, 2020

Jurgis Kirsakmens is the developer DrinkControl, an iOS and Android Mobile app used for tracking and monitoring alcohol consumption. DrinkControl allows users to easily track their drinks and convert them into standard units of alcohol. The app lets you know when you go over the limit set by moderate drinking guidelines, and see how much money you've spent and calories you've consumed with your drinks.

Jurgis's journey to becoming a programmer in Riga, Latvia is fascinating, and in this episode we get into everything from building apps to building companies.

Thank you, Jurgis!

Show Notes:

  • How Jurgis and I got connected through my blog post [00:00]
  • His journey to becoming a developer, which includes starting and selling a company employing over 300 people [00:00]
  • How his role expanded from developer to management, marketing and other business functions, and how he managed that change [12:00]
  • How he got into iPhone mobile app development specifically [14:30]
  • His team's first app project which, in his words, "failed miserably" [16:30]
  • How the DrinkControl app idea got started [20:00]
  • His philosophy on tracking drinks, and whether that comes at the expense of having fun and being "in the moment" [23:40]
  • Answering the question, "how do I learn how to code?" [28:09]
  • How he would approach developing a hypothetical "mood monitoring" app from scratch with no prior experience [31:30]
  • How Jurgis plans to "Do Better This Year" [36:00]
  • Habit development, working in a "flow state" vs. finishing projects [39:30]
  • Closing thoughts on app development and how it fits into the bigger picture of business, marketing and sales [43:00]